IPv6 – Optimal protocol to build the Internet

Box 1: IP (Internet Protocol) is one of the primary protocols making up the Internet today. Ipv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) is the next generation intended to replace IPv4. The main reason for this change is the limitation on the number of addresses that IPv4 can provide.

Box 2: Ipv6 has many advantages compared to Ipv4, such as: large address space, simplified configuration by SLAAC technology and more optimal routing. has published a free study and training material for IPv6 migration strategies

“Migrating to an IPv6 network internally, on service provider networks and on the Internet is something that will take time. As we can’t turn off IPv4 on a Friday and restart the networks with IPv6 on the Monday, it has to be a long and smooth migration”. This opinion was extracted from writing of a famous blogger when discuss about migration strategies of ipv6 on website

Testing Happy Eyeballs with your dual stack application

“I spent last week in Phoenix, Arizona. My eyeballs are very happy – one week of blue skies and a lot of good network labs in my SIP training class. In the beginning of the week I had a discussion about Happy Eyeballs”. An extract of a blogger writing when it comes to test happy eyeballs issue. The article that has been posted on discover Ipv6 of the site IPv6friday.

IPv6 center of excellence.

Mr. Ehorley - member of IPv6 Evangelist - revealed some features and effects of IPv6 in Ipv6 center of excellence - Posted on Infoblox blogs in 20 January , 2016. Here's what Eholey analysed in his writing to understand clearly about this sentence IPv6 is the future and the future is now”

IPv6 usage is growing! Stay connected!

IPv6 succeeded in many countries with an open strategy and connecting network. Here is the article of a blogger that has been posted on IPv6friday. With clearly number evidences, the article helps people understand about the development and effects of ipv6 in the past, as well as future.